A small reminder

Jeroen Uwland
2 min readAug 14, 2022

This is for the ones feeling the need to be perfect,
For the ones feeling they never really belong,
For the kind soul between the hooligans, the dreamer between the bankers,
This is for the deep thinkers always lost in thoughts,
And the ones never feeling smart enough.

For the highly skilled doubting their talent,
For the beautiful people insecure about their looks,
For the women without a child wish and the unexpected dads,
This is for the ones that feel misunderstood,
Even by themselves.

This is for the perfectionists,
For the ones worrying about what we think of them,
For the ones catching waves but feeling useless inside,
This is for the intense lovers,
Struggling with expressing it.

This is for the dancers, the artists, the creatives,
For the ones afraid to open up,
For the famous with countless followers but no one to talk to,
For the ones afraid to cry,
Or to feel anything at all.

This is for the broke and the rich,
For the weirdos in a crazy world,
This is for my friends and family, for myself and everyone else,
For the ones not wanting a normal life,
But afraid of trying something new.

To them and to everyone I forgot,
I would like to say

You deserve to be here,
You belong here,
Stop worrying so much,
Stop hiding your weirdness,
You deserve to be seen.

We need you, the world needs you,
It would be a less magical place without you.

— -
Every line is a reference to someone in my life, you know who you are.



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