Day off

Jeroen Uwland
Mar 25, 2023


I am sitting here
In the morning light
Wondering what to do today
Wondering what to write—
So many thoughts
So many thoughts
In that restless mind of mine

About partying
About the party of last night
Am I restricting myself
Of joy — and truly being free
Or is drinking and smoking
Simply not for me?

About love
And connection
Am I a coward, am I strange
For taking it so slow—
Instead of instant gratification
Craving something that slowly grows

Thoughts about
World’s paradoxes—
And flow
And every other mystery
In between

Do I have any interesting
Thing to say
Can I share any
Original thought

Or should I just
Not write today—
And take a well-deserved —
Day off

— -
Questioning why I even write and share all this at all



Jeroen Uwland

Simply loves writing about all the things that amaze me. Tries to be honest, personal and vulnerable. All on a personal note.