Inspiration is all around
Ever present in the air
Whispering into our ears
Full of ideas ready to be found

It is whispering to us all
Do we decide to accept its call
Are we silent enough to hear it
Do we recognize its voice
Or do we miss our calling
In the midst of all the noise

When we ignore an idea
It will disappear, it will fade
To find another destination
Another human to cocreate

Do we have the courage
To pick up the phone
Do we bring its ideas—
Into reality
Or do we leave them alone

Do we let them soar
Do we set them free
As a present to the world
Ready to be seen

— -
New ideas are all around us, we just need to listen and look better.



Jeroen Uwland

Simply loves writing about all the things that amaze me. Tries to be honest, personal and vulnerable. All on a personal note.