Life is

Jeroen Uwland
2 min readFeb 8


Life is a carnival, a roller coaster ride
A dizzying combination of twists, turns and highs
A symphony of laughter, surprises and cries
A mesmerizing piece of art, different from each side

Life is a journey, a quest, a winding road
A dance with the devil, a love story untold
A game of chance, a spin of the wheel
A search for answers, waiting to be revealed

Life is a riddle, a paradox, a song
Conflicting ideas, about what’s right, what’s wrong
A search for truth, through day and night
Sometimes flowing, sometimes a fight

It’s a sea full of dreams, a sky full of hope
A storm of blind passion, ruining the globe
It’s a garden of roses, picking not allowed
A mosaic of moments, all equally profound

Life is a mystery, a gift, a treasure
A path leading us through despair and pleasure
A symphony of life, a song to be sung
A journey to undertake, with nothing to be won

Life is a gift, a massive Broadway show
A slow evening walk, with no place to go
A mix of quiet whispers and heartbreaking screams
A selection of values, a parade of extremes

It’s a game of chess, with pieces unknown
A ballroom of people, and yet feeling alone
A river of choices, a party with no end
A really short time, with no option to extend

Life is a game, but without a prize
A dance with destiny under starry skies
A search for truth, a quest for light
A maze of madness, a road leading inside

It’s the vast ocean, a field of weeds
Unnecessary arguments mixed with good deeds
Life is an orchestra, a harmony to be played
Life is scary, but please don’t be afraid

Yes, life is in vain, without a meaning to find
And a daily miracle — unfolding
In front of our eyes

— -
An ode to life



Jeroen Uwland

Simply loves writing about all the things that amaze me. Tries to be honest, personal and vulnerable. All on a personal note.