Pot of gold

Jeroen Uwland
Mar 23, 2023


Taking one small step
One small step ahead
Without a bigger plan in mind
Without a pot of gold to find
The story of my life
Is written line by line
There is no need
No place to go
I am writing all the time

— -
A reminder to myself that there is no place to go, nothing to obtain, and no need for a 5-year plan. It is about what I have right now.

It might change, yet there will always be problems, desires, struggles, excitement, the positive and the negative, no matter where I go. If I can’t be happy with a cup of coffee, I can’t be happy with a yacht.

My story is written now, with all the incredible things I am experiencing today.



Jeroen Uwland

Simply loves writing about all the things that amaze me. Tries to be honest, personal and vulnerable. All on a personal note.