Push and flow

Jeroen Uwland
1 min readMar 26


push and flow
two forces at play
one asks us to strive
the other to unwind
two forces
battling in life

is working hard
the only way
aiming for better
a change to make

is acceptance of all
flowing free
not just a spiritual story
a utopian dream

how do we dance
how do we go
about when to push
and when to flow

do we need to push
apply force, strive, go
or can it be less heavy
can we be more light
let it all emerge,
slowly grow and die
when the time is right

— -
How to balance working hard, finding meaning, pushing, striving, and taking responsibility versus non-detachment, flow, not forcing and unity.

I believe that our best work is done when we play, even when this might seem hard work to others. When artists make art, dancers dance, writers write, podcast hosts talk, or runners run it can be viewed as hard work, but the act can feel like play to them.

We can all play, but we often built barriers around it.



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